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Quick is the embodiment of our seeking for moments of joy during our daily life, the knack of finding oneself in the right place at the right time; in this way we can bring a new excitement to day-to-day events by applying ideas and solutions that are essential, practical, prompt, accessible and innovative.

Solutions that, while simple, are the fruit of a design process which leaves nothing to chance.

The world of Quick Design focuses on the project and on the designers in blending creative simplification with innovative functional design. The key words in the development of this new and less restrictive design paradigm are immediacy and customization.


The people involved in the creation of Carrera are the interpreters of a need to achieve individual change by means of original ideas and by developing concepts made possible by thinking outside the box.
A kitchen is not simply a physical space within the home; it is also a shared experience, a moment of pleasure, a space in which to express one's distinctive personality.
The aim of Carrera is to provide space for concepts and experiences based on the values and principles which lie at the heart of today's new 'normal' and an existential serenity. A stage on which to portray one's true inner feelings.

As in real life, the kitchens shown on these pages form the ideal background for the most exciting chapters of our lives.


Time and Passions

Carrera recounts stories in which time and passion highlight different approaches to understanding and designing a kitchen. An almost intimate story in which the kitchen itself becomes an integral part of our life project, where it is our passions and daily routines that give time its rhythm.

Carrera is a collection of true stories, and it recounts them by suggesting new approaches to a state of permanent experimentation where the experiences and stories from our personal lives demonstrate and underline that the choices made by each of us are unique: from Marco's co-working project to the travels of Giulia, from Jack's grandfather to Agata's African fabrics.

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