Quick Design

Quick is the embodiment of our seeking for moments of joy during our daily life, the knack of finding oneself in the right place at the right time; in this way we can bring a new excitement to day-to-day events by applying ideas and solutions that are essential, practical, prompt, accessible and innovative.

Solutions that, while simple, are the fruit of a design process which leaves nothing to chance.

The world of Quick Design focuses on the project and on the designers in blending creative simplification with innovative functional design. The key words in the development of this new and less restrictive design paradigm are immediacy and customization.


App Society

Connect. Log on. Get tagged...

And then share. Share your thoughts. Share your space. Share your choices.
Welcome to App Society! It's an extremely large community of connected users. Users who are people, first and foremost. Men and women who don't yet know one another, but who will soon share an interest, a place, a lifestyle.

It's the era of the sharing economy and of hyperconnectivity, a time in which people communicate, tell their stories, share the ways they live. And they do so from the screen of a PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Through the magical network that is the Internet, stories travel quickly from one end of the world to the other, without limits on time or space, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. While you're sitting in your kitchen waiting for the vegetable pie to bake, you can book the next flight to Paris. Here and there at the same time, and in a few weeks...

And that's how you can decide in an instant who to have dinner with this evening, how to prepare a centrepiece for Christmas lunch, where to publish the photos of an old cabinet you've just restored, who's willing to trade a new pair of shoes for your old bike. All in a single click. All in the place you call Home Sweet Home.

It's your story, but it's also the story of Andrea, who churns out miles and miles in his beloved yellow van. It's also the story of Laura, who hosts tourists in her modern attic in the centre of Bologna and dreams of opening a Sicilian trattoria in New York. It's the story of Gianmarco, who decided to get in shape and learn how to cook. And it's the story of Kristina, vegetarian yoga teacher with a home that's always full of friends over for dinner.

Stories of lives that intersect for a moment…or forever. People who leave each other and then find each other again, people who are born and who die. Stories that are lived and shared.

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