I'm Susan...

Have you ever stopped to savour the peace and quiet that pervades your home on a Sunday morning? The sun shines through the windows at a low angle and you are the only one awake: you can sip your coffee slowly and glance through your e-mails while you wait for the rest of the world to surface. I'm Susan, and I can assure you all that, without a doubt, Sunday morning is the best part of the week for me, a time that I can dedicate to myself.

Veneta Cucine

I personally see to every detail

I'm a huge gardening enthusiast, and I love to cultivate seedlings and small plants in pots. I have recently started up a new activity: the creation and sale of table-top gardens! I personally see to every detail of my creations, which have become very popular. While I wait for my husband, Francesco, to wake up, I listen to music on the radio while I confirm the latest orders and prepare the parcels to be sent to my new customers.

Veneta Cucine

It's really satisfying that my love of plants and flowers has finally become a real job!

Francesco is still asleep...

but I'm willing to bet that he will be awake within half an hour – he just adores Sunday brunch, which is always our favourite meal! Francesco is a professor of sociology at the University of Milan, and this has been a really tough week for him: he had to go to Turin for a conference, and then finish his course. Numerous students sat his exam on Friday, so now he has a pile of test papers to grade.

But before thinking about work, let's relax for a while

Very quickly, delicious smells fill the kitchen.

Francesco is awake, so let's get brunch ready! Very quickly, delicious smells fill the kitchen. The table, which just a few minutes ago had been my work-bench covered in hand-made gardens, has now become a feast of colours and flavours: fresh fruit, yoghourt, scrambled eggs, savoury pies, coffee and toast... yes, another Sunday has begun in the best possible way! So we eat our brunch without hurrying, reading the papers and talking about some of the stories. We both want to savour this moment to the full, because it will soon be time to get back to work.

The afternoon
passes in silence

with breaks for coffee and a slice of home-made banana bread. Francesco grades the test papers while sitting on the old leather couch which we found in an antique market in Berlin when we were on our honeymoon tour of Europe, while I continue to create my miniature gardens.

This is a delicate task which requires the utmost calm and a steady hand: the kitchen is the ideal place for this, as the large table-top has plenty of room for all my tools and material. It's big enough that I can work with the plants, take notes and handle parcels and orders all at the same time.

it's time for dinner.

Francesco is a pretty good cook, and he loves to try out new recipes!

This evening he's going to prepare a delicious risotto with pumpkin, Italian sausage and bacon, and I'm really looking forward to tasting it, together with a glass of good red wine.

Now the kitchen has been transformed back into the place where we cook and laugh together: what a perfect Sunday!

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