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Hi, I’m Silvia!

Here are some original ideas to put together for (and also with) your children. These fun creations made with paper are designed to add a light-hearted touch to a room at home, customise an object, or surprise young and old alike at a birthday party.
You can decorate a cake or a greeting card, add life to a white wall or old dark shelf, and turn anything that needs a touch of colour and creativity into a unique item. All you need is a bit of manual skill and lots of imagination!

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

To make the bunnies, you'll need red acrylic tempera, cream-coloured and pink cardboard, a permanent black marker, a pencil, a felt-tip pen, an eraser, a glue stick, scissors, paper cups and white glue.

Step 1: draw ears on cream-coloured cardboard and the inner area on pink cardboard, then cut them out.

Step 2: using the felt-tip pen, draw a humorous face and paint its cheeks with the red acrylic tempera.

Step 3: use the felt-tip pen to apply a little white glue to the ears, then stick them onto the edge of a paper cup, and press for a few seconds.

Your bunnies are now ready!

Veneta Cucine

And for a joyful, unusual Easter, you can make these cute little bunnies from paper cups. In only a few steps, you can turn the things you use every day into fun creations you make yourself.

A tip: have your kids draw the face of the bunnies to add a personal touch to each little animal!

A suggestion for a game to play when lunch is over: hide a chocolate egg under one of the bunnies and have the kids find it!

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

If you want to stand out, instead of the usual bunch of flowers, try giving a coloured paper bouquet you made yourself. You'll see what an impression you make! It's a simple gift idea with great effect.

It can be an opportunity to spend some time with the family on a rainy day or to take a short break from work... there's always a good reason for becoming children again!

"I am Silvia! I worked for over 10 years as an illustrator of school books and children novels. Now I work as illustrator, graphic designer, crafter and papercut artist. I am a self-taught photographer. I am a mum to 2 little brats :-)".

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