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I'm Nicola. I'm thirty-six, and I'm a lawyer. Every now and then, it would be nice to be able to write like that, using just a few clear, simple words to sum up who I am. It would make it so easy to reply to the classic "What do you do for a living?". But I'm afraid that's not the case.
I'll start again. My name is Nicola, I'm over thirty years old and I am a designer with a penchant for writing advertising copy and newspaper articles; I'm also a newspaper copywriter and I design web sites and produce advertising campaigns and videos; I host an online community, develop strategies for communication and work as a press office... Yes, I love learning about new things, and when I'm not working, I travel. And when I travel, it's on my motorbike, my true love. I've been a biker all my life.

When I was two years old, my elder brother took me for a ride on the mini-motocross bike that our dad had given him for his birthday. It was a Saturday afternoon in June (so I'm told – it's too long ago for me to remember). It was a warm sunny day and, partly because of the heat and partly due to my excitement, I was sweating under the shiny red helmet he had bought for me the day before.

That moment changed my life.

By the age of seven, I was roaring up and down the road behind our house on a Franco Morini 48cc bike which my grandfather, Toni, had found and restored for me. My grandfather was the best mechanic in the area, and he would lean on the window-sill next to my mother, both shouting "Slow down!!". I'm not keen on riding too fast, but neither do I like standing still. And the same goes for my way of living.

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

I spend most of my time travelling, discovering new places and telling of my adventures and my life, friends, loves... and motorbikes.

I put them all in my blog, "Motoreetto. The joys of riding a motorbike" (my surname is Andreetto, so all my friends have always called me Motoreetto). I started the blog a few years ago with the idea of sharing my love of bikes with other enthusiasts.

I've posted all the photos which I took when I was on the road, as well as loads of advice and useful information, and some funny video clips and articles about the world of two wheels.

Veneta Cucine

When I'm not on the road, I live (finally, not alone!!!) in a small flat which I have restructured with my own hands, using every inch of available space and making it as functional as possible for my needs. I've created an open living area with kitchen and living-room. I've put in a large cupboard with doors, which I use as a sort of larder, as well as plenty of shelves and a tall cabinet in steel and light wood - like the rest of the kitchen, with plenty of large shelves for my collection of beers from around the world (another of my great loves), my travel books, photographs and my maps of the world.

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

In the centre, a tall, sturdy table connected to the shelf units lining the wall and two steel stools. So I use that for my writing and also for meals.

I don't really have too many kitchen utensils, just my beloved coffee-maker, which wakes me up each morning and keeps me company when I'm need to pull an all-nighter.

I'm not really a very good cook, but I like to have friends come round for a meal, and none of them has complained (yet).

I always prepare new dishes based on recipes that I have discovered during my travels. Who knows, one day I might even enrol in a course of multi-ethnic cooking!

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

"Motoreetto. Il gusto di viaggiare in moto" ["The joy of riding a motorcycle"]is an original blog hosted by Nicola Andreetto and dedicated to the world of motor-cycling. It's a container which is constantly updated with stories of trips and experiences, with numerous photos, videos and useful suggestions. A vast community of motorcycling enthusiasts who recount their experiences on the road as they discover new and hidden places in every corner of the world.

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