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Hi, I'm Lucia!

If you love a shabby chic style - the one that features simple materials such as light-coloured wood and linen, soft shades like beige, ivory, light gray and white, and flower decorations that make everything very natural - you can create your own shabby flower in only a few simple steps. Use it as a cute gift item, a place card, or an ornament for your window-ledge.

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

Here's an easy DIY project for creating place cards that decorate your dinner table. Start inviting good friends for a Sunday lunch in great company!


• terracotta jars;
• chalk paint in two colours;
• medium-grit sandpaper;
• twine;
• two miniature plants.

Give your jar a first coat of paint.
After it's dried, apply a second coat in a different colour.
Using the sandpaper, start sanding the paint on your jar here and there.
The top layer of paint will be removed at several points to reveal and highlight the other colour underneath.
Use the twine to tie a nice bow around the jar.

Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine
Veneta Cucine

Separately, get some cardboard, some rubber stamps and a spiedi stick.

Cut the cardboard into the shape of a little house and have fun customising it with the rubber stamps. When you've finished, attach the cardboard to the stick with a drop of glue and insert it into your terracotta jar, after you've potted your plant.

Set your dinner table to suit your taste and have fun putting your place cards where they should go. Everything's ready! Time for the aperitifs!

We don't need luxurious materials or special tools. We can do everything with what we have at home, such as a pair of scissors, some glue, a bit of paper…and voila!

"My name is Lucia. Every night, before bedtime, my little girls play in the water, covered with perfumed foam and surrounded by soap bubbles. Their imagination is my source of inspiration. Any excuse will do to organise a party rich in custom-made details".

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