Co-working is much more...

than just sharing an office, a wi-fi connection, a printer and the overheads. It means creating a space which is not just for work, but rather a unique source of stimulus and discussion, an exchange of human and professional experiences. And the ideal place for this perfect microcosm is naturally the kitchen.

Sorry, let me introduce myself...I'm Marco

The one who looks like a bit of a nerd in the photos – in effect, I develop apps for smartphones. I was assigned this spacious office, which I have transformed into a co-working area, bringing together people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds who all like the idea of sharing.

As I said, the kitchen has become the heart of our workplace, where we get together to chat and talk about new ideas, a place where our personal relationships and creativity find stimulus and energy.

So it is natural that our kitchen get-togethers take place at regular intervals during the course of the day.

It's my turn to talk now :-). I'm Cloé "the redhead".

I'm from Bordeaux and I'm a wedding planner. I'm pretty much a morning person - at 7:30 I'm already in the office with a croissant and sometime with cakes that I'm trying out. I get the coffee ready for the others: espresso, barley coffee, drip coffee, as well as green tea and a variety of juices. Everyone has his favourite, and I try to make them all happy.

I generally get in last,
at around 11.00.

I'm Giorgio, the one with a goatee, and I'm a graphic designer. It's not an excuse, but I often work late, sometimes until midnight. You know how it is - the quiet of the night that brongs inspiration, blah blah...

Anyway, when I roll up at 11:00 they are all in the kitchen on their second cup of coffee, so I see if maybe there are still one or two cupcakes. We chat about this and that, discuss the projects we are working on and all the latest news. But some of us are already thinking about what to cook...

I feel I should
put my oar in here.

My name is Isabella

For a long time I have been a food blogger (actually I still am – look for IsaFood on the web). But now I'm ready to take the plunge and write a real cookbook of my own. I was looking for a stimulating place – preferably not my flat – where I could concentrate on writing my book, and I was lucky enough to meet Marco at a party, where he told me about his co-working office and its splendid kitchen. So when I saw it, it was love at first sight.

But to get back to our working day... at about 1:30 the other co-workers wander back to the kitchen, attracted by the cooking aromas. They are my guinea-pigs but also my severest critics.

I'm Jørgen

Originally from Copenhagen but I've lived in Italy for a few years now. I'm a professional photographer, specializing in still life work, and I have been working with Isabella on her cookbook. I find that the afternoon is the best time to photograph the ingredients and the finished dishes. I go back to Denmark often, and always bring back some of our tasty biological beer and Danish cheeses that everyone likes so much.

Unlike traditional offices, our kitchen allows us to prolong our working hours until dinnertime, when we can stay here and enjoy the dishes that Isabella prepares. And that can't be bad!

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