What does that old picture from your childhood, or the song that takes you to faraway places when you hear its first few notes, or the football card with your favourite player which you needed to complete your collection..all have in common? They're part of an album, and they constitute a collection of memories, stories, feelings and excitement.

In an album, you can collect your favourite stories - the ones that call up the deepest feelings and the distant memories that you carry with you wherever you go, which light up the present and will accompany you in the future.

In Ancient Rome, an album was a blank space on a building wall, where important public announcements were written that needed to be communicated and disseminated. Over time, it became an elegantly bound book in which the poems, portraits or drawings of people were collected to provide evidence and recollections of important events in one's life.

Our Album is a container of true stories that were illustrated and written by the leading characters themselves, with their own hand. They are "normal" people who have something special and unique to share and to tell, and the kitchen is the place where these stories take shape. It's a place full of life, where you talk and listen, and where every sense is stimulated. An aroma, a flavour, a sound. With just a simple click, you can let your mind travel for a few moments to places that are far away and relive your favourite story in your album.

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